Monday, April 4, 2011

Inglot Review and Swatches

I am obsessed with Inglot eyeshadows. They've gotten a lot of blog press lately, so my curiosity was piqued. With the arrival of online ordering, my fate was sealed. No sooner did I have my first filled 10-pan palette in hand, then I rushed off to research swatches for my next one.

The shadows are incredibly pigmented, blend beautifully, and are just plain gorgeous. Over a base, such as Urban Decay Primer Potion, they last all day. The Double Sparkle is by far and away my favorite finish. I just love the way it looks: deep, rich matte color with just enough sparkle to be interesting.

The AMC Lip Paint exceeded my expectations, lasting 3-4 hours after application - even through eating and drinking. Lip Paint fades to an even stain before fading completely away at the 4-5 hour mark.

The AMC Cream Blush applies evenly, is easy to blend and sets quickly. It is very pigmented, so a little goes a very long way. Worn over foundation and set with powder, Cream Blush lasted all day.

Inglot's multiple finishes and nuanced colors can make ordering - sight unseen - a bit daunting. To add complications, their own site doesn't reflect the true colors of the shadows - or any other product for that matter. Unless you're 1.) Really Daring and/or 2.) Have Money to Burn, my recommendation is to hunt the web for swatches of the colors you'll think you like. Below are my swatches, along with links to the sites I used to help me place my orders. Click the photos to view at full size.

Inglot Eyeshadows L-R
TOP ROW: 352M, 467DS, 464DS, 46AMC SHINE, 361M
BOTTOM ROW: 363M, 409P, 434P, 402P, 422P

Inglot Eyeshadows L-R
352M, 467DS, 464DS, 46AMC Shine, 361M

Inglot Eyeshadows L-R
422P, 402P, 434P, 409P, 363M
Inglot Eyeshadows L-R
BOTTOM ROW: 471DS, 414P, 457DS, 433P, 483DS

Inglot Eyeshadows L-R
351M, 30AMC SHINE, 488DS, 461DS, 24AMC SHINE

Inglot Eyeshadows L-R
483DS, 433P, 457DS, 414P, 471DS

Inglot L-R
AMC LIP PAINT #65, AMC Cream Blush #94

I am much obliged to the following websites for providing excellent shadow swatches that helped me pick colors I love:

Beauty Addict
Dusty Hunter

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  1. Great post... Love your palettes... gorgeous colours! :-)