Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Chanel Kind of Morning

It was that kind of morning. Running late, needing something composed and confident, I reached for Chanel.

The star of the show is Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Troublant. Its subtle rosewood color and lush finish make the perfect statement.

For eyes it's Ombre Essentielle in Beige Lame from lash to crease and blended above the crease with a matte ivory.

Lower lashline was defined with Le Crayon Yeux in Khaki Platine and upper lashline was tightlined with Too Faced Perfect Eyeliner in Perfect Espresso. Lancome Defincils on lashes.

Face: Clinique Redness Solutions foundation in Calming Alabaster (01) and Illamasqua blush in Lover.


  1. Hello! I saw your comment on Emily's blog asking about products you should pick up while you are in Germany. I don't know what else Rossmann has to offer as I hardly ever shop there. But if you go to a dm or Müller drugstore you should try something from Catrice. Their eyeshadows are (mostly) great and they also have nice lipsticks and blushes.
    P2 (only in dm drugstores) has some nice and really cheap items too.
    Otherwise I would suggest going to a Douglas which is more of a 'high end' drugstore where you can find a variety of good products.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Oh, and Alverde which is also only sold at dm drugstores is a nice natural cosmetics brand. The selection is not that large though.